About Us

Professional Approach and Quality Services

Sydev Experts limited is a corporate training and capacity building company. At Sydev Experts we give our clients the skill-set to align operations and increase profits. Our key services include Quality Management Systems implementation with a bias to ISO Standards, Fire safety management Systems, First Aid training, Environmental impact assessments and Environmental Audits.

A Quality Management System (QMS) is a formal process used to review the operations, products and services of a business with the objective of identifying areas that may require quality improvement. Quality management systems should be adapted as a strategic decision of a company regardless of the size or nature of business. A good quality management system will:

  1. Reduce wastage;
  2. Improve process control;
  3. Increase market share;
  4. Lower costs;
  5. Facilitate training;
  6. Meet customers’ expectations;
  7. Raise employee morale.

In SYDEV, we help our clients establish Quality Management System structures for doing things properly, efficiently and effectively. We help them develop both short and long term strategies to help operations run smoothly.

Our team of highly competent in-house consultants works very closely with a carefully selected team of associate consultants to ensure we exceed our client’s service expectations. The consultants that undertake our various assignments are the best in their areas of expertise and have over the years lived up to the promises we make to our clients.

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